Tzatziki – the miracle of the Greeks Some people like it, some don’t – tzatziki. Because of the garlic, which is said to have healing and healthy properties, some people do not like the taste of tzatziki.

However, if you love garlic, you will also love this recipe!

100 ml Schlagfix universal whipping cream universelle Schlagcreme
200 g lupine yoghurt (natural, has a more neutral taste than soy yoghurt)
½ cucumber
2-3 cloves of garlic
100 ml sunflower oil
3-4 leaves of mint
1 Prise Salz


Grate half a cucumber on a fine grater and drain it. Finely puree the garlic cloves with the oil until there are no pieces left. Mix the yogurt with the cucumber and garlic oil. Now lightly whip the Schlagfix universal cream and mix it with the yoghurt. Add the chopped mint leaves and season with salt.
A delicious dip is ready!