Quiche dough:

- 250g flour
- 125g Margarine
– 1 pinch salt
- 0,25 Teaspoon bell pepper powder
- 0,25 Teaspoon white pepper
- 45ml Water

- 250g Spinach (frosted)
- 160g Schlagfix vegan Greek natur
- 200g whipping cream universal
- 100g Schlagfix Cream use like Mascarpone
- 1 Teaspoon lemon juice
- 25g corn starch
- 0,5 Teaspoon salt
- 0,5 TL white pepper
- 1 Teaspoon bell pepper powder
- 1 Teaspoon nutmeg powder


Quiche dough:

Mix all ingredients and knead until a homogeneous dough is formed. Then put the dough in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Now preheat the oven at 180 °C convection oven. Then roll out the dough and put it in a greased tart pan and poke holes with a fork. Now blind bake the shortcrust pastry for 15 min. In the meantime, the filling can be prepared.



Weigh the spices and mix them together with the mascarpone and the lemon juice. Whip the whipping cream and blend it together with the mascarpone mixture, the defrosted spinach and 100 g of the vegan greek until creamy. Cut the remaining vegan greek into small cubes. After the shortcrust pastry has cooled, spread the cream on the base.

Now bake the quiche for 20 minutes at 180 °C convection oven. Then add the feta cubes to the quiche. For another 5 min, the cake is placed in the still hot oven. After baking, the quiche can cool and enjoy cold.