How can I use Schlagfix whipping cream?

You can use Schlagfix cream just like ordinary dairy cream. If you need to process the whipped cream, it is mandatory to always first whipp the cream before adding any other ingredients.

For best whipping results, store the cream in the refrigerator for a few hours before use, and whipp it at medium speed.

Where can I get Schlagfix?

Please contact us directly to find out where to get Schlagfix in your country.

What are the advantages of using Schlagfix products?

Our pure vegetable products offer numerous advantages compared to ordinary dairy products. Not only, are they good for the environment and the wildlife but also for your health. Additionally, Schlagfix products offer you numerous additional application options.

E.g. Schlagfix whipping cream can be easily processed with any fruit acids or even alcohol. It has a significantly higher stability than dairy cream, an increase of volume of approx. 400% (milk cream: 80 - 100%) and it's possible to freeze the cream when whipped.

Are Schlagfix products suitable for allergy sufferers?

Are Schlagfix products suitable for allergy sufferers?
All Schlagfix products are free of lactose-, gluten- and cholesterol. Addtionally, almost all our Schlagfix products are free of the main allergens. For detailed information, please refer to the figure above or contact us directly.

What is the trans fat content of Schlagfix products?

What is the trans fat content of Schlagfix products?
Many consumers care about the content of hardened fat when buying products. Reason why is, because if the hardening does not happen completely, there will be trans fatty acids, which can be dangerous to your health. It is important, however, to note that cured fats are not equivalent to transfet fatty acids. Therefore, it is always important that the hardening has been done completly.

Generally, we always recommend to look up the exact content of trans fatty acids. Schlagfix products are almost free of trans fatty acids due to the particularly gentle harding procedure. Compared to ordinary dairy products, Schlagfix products contain significantly fewer trans fatty acids.

Why do some Schlagfix products contain palm kernel oil?

Many people fundamentally rejected the use of Palm kernel oil. This attitude, however, is counterproductive. Especially the controversially discussed palm kernel oil is able to play a key role in the future preservation of natural habitats. Due to its high profitability, it only requires a fraction of the agricultur area of any other similar raw materials (such as soy, rapeseed, sunflower) to provide the same output of vegetable oil. In order to feed a population, which will reach a mark of 10 billion people worldwide in 2050, we must assess our raw materials mainly also according to their land efficiency.

This is also the foremost reason why organizations such as Greenpeace are now opposed to replacing palm oil with other vegetable fats. The cultivation of the replacing plants would require a multitude of the agricultur area of ​​palm oil.

In our opinion, the solution can therefore only be the use of certified sustainable palm oil. This is why we only use sustainably certified palm kernel oil in our Schlagfix products. Furthermore, we actively promote an improvement in the ecological standards and control mechanisms for the sustainable cultivation of palm oil.

Why do Schlagfix products contain so-called additives?

Many consumers are critical of so-called food additives, which are also used in Schlagfix products. But here, as many times, a closer look is necessary, because there are big differences within the group of these so-called E-substances. Thus, all additives used in Schlagfix products are, of course, GMO free.

In addition, we only use additives in our products if the use is without alternative (for example, to bring water and vegetable fat together in a stable mixture) and if they are completely safe.

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